V.V.V.F. Elevators

Omex has been installing and servicing elevators for more than a decade. Omex bring Millennium most advanced energy saving VVVF elevator system with highly sophisticated Microprocessor based Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology Omex complete integrated VVVF control system ensures best return of cost.
Advantages :
    Jerkless starting & stopping are achieved irrespective of load
    Precise leveling accuracy
    Stopping of elevator is done by perfect electrical braking unit for minimizing for mechanical wear & tear & maintenance-free performance forever
    High starting torque characteristic With the sue of OMEX special Bedplate Assembly, noise & Vibration can be reduced to a great extent
    Reduction in the wear & fear of mechanical part due to smooth acceleration & deceleration
    Higher energy-saving by lower starting current, lower energy consumption & higher power factor (up to 0.95) features
    No motor overheating
    Different parameters like current; torques, speed, acceleration time & deceleration time can be easily viewed, monitored and controlled on interactive panel.

Combination of Micro Processor Control and PWM technology in elevator guarantees long lasting life and low maintenance.

Travellnig Diagram